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Hello there! I'm Rachel, a fine artist and animal lover from Singapore. My journey as an artist started in secondary school when I took art as an elective. Subsequently, I pursued visual arts in my tertiary education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. What began as a hobby eventually became a deep passion and career.

Rachel Art Studio was founded in 2019.

A friend approached me to paint a portrait of his fiancé's precious dog as a birthday present for her. This served as a catalyst as I started to receive more enquiries from others on Instagram and Facebook.

What I enjoy most about drawing animals is to perfect the details in their eyes and fur. Being an animal lover myself, with an adorable schnauzer and kitten at home, I know how much animals bring to our lives and are part of our family. I believe each and every stroke brings the portrait to life and reunites owners to feel their beloved pet in the portrait.

I'm passionate about creating high quality works for my clients. Preserving a beautiful portrait is of utmost importance so I only use the highest quality materials to create each piece. If you would like your pet drawn whether it be for a gift or for memory sake, feel free to contact me.


2018         Singapore Design Show, Art+Design Exhibit, SUSS, Singapore

2017         Art & Music Exhibition Pathlight School Collaboration, Singapore

2016         Yishun Community Hospital, Singapore

2016         SIM Global Education Art Exhibition, Singapore

2015         Disintegration Exhibition, Artspace 222, Singapore

2014         Perpetuity Exhibition, National Institute of Education, Singapore

2013         En Route Exhibition, NAFA Lim Hak Tai Gallery, Singapore

2012         Flagship Genius, NAFA Lim Hak Tai Gallery, Singapore

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