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Pastel Painting Masterclass




6 hours

About the Course

Over the past few years, I have been refining my process to find techniques to paint more efficiently. I strive to achieve a high level of realism, while saving time. This way of painting is perfect for artists who want to create the effect of realism without the painstaking hours it requires.

In this 8-hour workshop, I will share in-depth on how to determine what colours to use to enhance and highlight specific features of a pet. Intricate details such as colour combinations and techniques for painting strokes of eye colour, fur direction, fur colour blending and down to the specific tools I use to achieving a realistic pastel portrait every time.

This workshop is great for intermediate level and experienced artists.

What you'll receive:

  • All art materials provided

  • Fully guided painting process from start to finish broken down into step-by-step process

  • Understanding on achieving a smooth coloured background

  • Full list of materials and specific tools used

  • Ability to tweak any reference photo expression into something more life-like, unique to your artistic vision in a realistic way

  • A logical understanding of how to achieve a soft and realistic fur layering effect with your paint every time

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