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Premium Pastel Painting Workshop




5 hours

About the Course

Painting fur realistically has always been a fascination of mine. I will show you how to work efficiently with pastel paint to achieve the most believable depth and detail by capturing the essence of a portrait.

On an A3 paper, I will share techniques on how to pair and blend various colours and tones such as black, greys, purples, whites and brown and how to achieve a soft, fluffy fur effect. We learn specific techniques used to capture realistic facial features of a dog and also the fur texture on an animal's body. As we would be painting the upper half of an animal's body, a good understanding of techniques used to paint both the animal's face and body, would better equip you to paint other animals.

As base colour tones can affect the final finish and facial features of a pet, we will cover the principles of various base colours to paint a dog’s facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears and fur) realistically through an easy to follow process.

We would also learn to create the finest finish for a perfect shine in a dog's eyes, nose and tongue and learn to paint a smooth, gradient coloured background.

So if you’re up for a in-depth and exciting class, get ready as we dive into this exciting world of painting with pastel!

What you'll get:

  • Principles of base colour pairing for various colours and tones (e.g.: purple, grey, black, etc)

  • Techniques to paint a dog's facial features such as eyes, nose, tongue with shine

  • Techniques to paint the body fur texture of an animal

  • Techniques of various colour blending to create a smooth and soft fur effect

  • Insights and understanding on achieving a smooth, gradient background

  • Fully guided painting process from start to finish broken down into step-by-step process

  • Full list of materials used

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